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Item Specification

Length: 45cm / 17.7 inches 
Colour: Milky Yellow Glossy 
Shape: Roundel 
Bead size: 5x3 mm

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More Information

Amber Buddy Classic Collection

Amber Buddy Classic Collection consists of the most popular colors and shapes.
It is suited for children from 3 up to 9 years old as well as their moms.

We are happy to provide parents a variety of choices in our classic collection that are
beautiful and double knotted for safety.

Browse our large selection of classic models to find the right style and color for your child and yourself.
Amber Buddy offers three different shapes and more than 12 different colors in our classic collection.

Why Amber Buddy is Best

Amber Buddy products are made of 100% genuine Baltic amber.
Our shop offers new edition designs you won't find anywhere else.

Each item is of the highest quality so you can purchase our jewelry with confidence.
We know you will be so happy with your Amber Buddy necklace, bracelet or set of beautiful
loose beads that it will quickly become your favorite piece of jewelry to wear.

When you buy from Amber Buddy, you'll receive the item that comes with a rich history.
Our family's legacy with amber products dates back to the 1950's. In 1998, we began selling
baby necklaces in the European market that quickly became popular.
Now Amber Buddy's line of jewelry is available worldwide.

The Benefits of Amber

Baltic amber is a resin that's been found to contain many healing properties.
Its active ingredient is succinic acid, which has an analgesic effect.

Over the years, natural amber has been found to calm, relax and promote good health.
It's been linked to pain relief for teething, arthritis, muscles, joints, headaches and more.
The natural healing properties of amber also promote general wellness and even boost immune systems.

Amber Buddy for Kids

Amber Buddy's jewelry for kids is designed for children between the ages of 3 and 11.
Each one is created with the same high-quality standards we apply to every item we sell.

Our amber bracelets and necklaces are also the perfect choice for parents who want to promote good health naturally.
With so many styles to choose from, your kids will love wearing their Amber Buddy necklaces and bracelets too!

How Amber Buddy Necklaces and Bracelets Work

When an amber necklace or bracelet is placed against the skin, body temperature warms the amber.
The amber then releases its natural healing oils that are absorbed into the skin and circulated through bloodstream.

Amber Buddy necklaces and bracelets are carefully handcrafted by a skilled artisans.
Each amber bead is separated by a knot so that if your necklace or bracelet does break,
only one bead will fall off. The rest of the bracelet will remain intact.

Amber Buddy is for Adults Too!

Baltic amber's healing effects aren't just for teething babies and kids.
Adults can also benefit from wearing an Amber Buddy necklace or bracelet.

Amber has been credited with being a healing remedy for the throat, neck and head.
It's also believed to turn negative energy into positive for a better outlook.
Wear an Amber Buddy necklace or bracelet for your health and happiness!

Get Your Amber Buddy Necklace, Bracelet or Beads for your own design.
Amber Buddy ships our products around the world. Browse our shop now and discover the
healing benefits of amber for yourself.


Please note that none of Amber Buddy necklaces or bracelets are teethers. 
Our products should not be placed in your child's mouth and should only be used under adult supervision. 

For your child’s safety we highly recommend you to follow these instructions:

- Always supervise the infant when wearing necklace or bracelet.
- Remove the necklace or bracelet when the infant is unattended, even if it is only for a short period of time
- Remove the necklace or bracelet when the infant sleeps at day or night.
- Not allow the infant to chew any of amber necklace or bracelets.

 For more information please read ABOUT US and FAQ

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