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The Amber buddy classic collection is designed by highly professional and experienced amber artists, especially to meet your demands.

Amber buddy necklaces are special and the finest because they are designed beautifully in attractive colors and shapes. Amber teething necklace are designed outstandingly and also in a way to prevent baby from choking hazard.

These Baltic amber teething necklaces are designed for up to 9 years old kids. They are 13 inches in length so are best for teething babies and kids. You can have best online shopping experience as we offer the best variety of amber necklace for teething babies and kids. The Baltic amber used to make these products are arranged from Baltic Sea shores. Moreover, all our necklaces and other products are made up of high quality material and designed professionally to give them a perfect shape, size and color.

Our beads are in three different shapes: Baroque, round, flat and Olive shape. You can choose the one that most perfectly suits your demands. Moreover, each shaped bead has eight different colors, such as Yellow, Milky Yellow, Light Cognac, Cognac, Dark Cognac, Multicolor, Rainbow I and Rainbow II. These colors ultimately give you a wide choice. You can have these alluring teething necklaces in polished and shiny form, matte and less shiny form and a raw form.

Are you thinking about which necklace should be picked up for babies? You might be having confusing in choosing dark or light, matte or glossy, but it fully depends upon your choice. Since all our products are made up of natural Baltic amber, you can choose according to your own demands. All you have to care about is to choose the best amber teething necklace for baby.

We can give you hint about what type of amber necklaces you should pick up. If you are attracted more towards glossy things, you should pick up shiny amber necklaces. On the other hand, if you are not attracted to glossy things, you should pick up matte necklaces. Matte and raw necklace will give a more natural amber look and will eventually enhance your personality.

Are you thinking about the advantages of Baltic amber for your teething baby? You can have a little introduction over here. Baltic amber is a fossilized plant tree resin, 65 million years old. It has a lot of healing properties. Moreover, it has succinic acid that works as an analgesic. Over the centuries, natural amber has helped to relieve the human stress, anxiety and ultimately it is beneficial in improving the human health.

Furthermore, Baltic amber necklaces are believed to relief the pain of teething, arthritis, muscles, joints and headaches. Amber helps to improve the overall human health and human immune system by its terrific healing properties.

To have the best result out of amber teething necklace, you have to bring it in contact with the skin. The body temperature of teething baby warm up the amber which let the amber natural healing oil released. This healing amber oil is then absorbed into the bloodstreams reliving the stress and anxiety.

Amber buddy teething necklace is made up of the best quality or raw material. So you don’t have to worry about its quality. The premium quality of our baby teething products is actually a part of family’s legacy which has been started since 1950's. And now we have the best range of amber jewelry all over the world. You will find our shop the only best amber teething necklace shop on the web.

We offer worldwide shipping services of amber jewelry as we are a reputable and a prestigious brand, and we care about our customers. Shop from us and have the best amber teething necklaces designs. Moreover, you can enjoy excellent customer care services, competitive price and fast shipping facilities all over the world if you choose to pick your amber from us.