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There's nothing more alluring and satisfying than dreaming up your own ideas for a necklace or bracelet, stringing and knotting each Baltic amber bead yourself, and then wearing your jewelry or giving it to your friends as a gift. Jewelry creativity is a unique art, and Amber buddy get its jewelry designed by creative and skilled artists, due to which amber jewelry is always admired by people.

We encourage you to bring your own teething jewelry designs of amber beads for teething necklaces, into existence. Therefore, Amber Buddy also offers you a beautiful collection of beads to make a superb stylish, creative necklace and bracelet of your own.

Our Baltic amber beads offered to you, are the same superlative standard beads which are used by our proficient artisans to make our creative designs of jewelry. Amber buddy offers you three shapes of Baltic amber; Baroque, Olive and Round Flat, available in glossy and semi-polished (matte) shades. All these beads for teething necklace are available to you in premium quality Genuine Baltic amber.

The loose amber beads you order will be delivered to you in drilled and ready to be strung form, for making your own necklace or bracelet, like the one available at our Amber Buddy shop.

Why Our Loose Baltic Amber Beads are Best?
Amber Buddy offers you its 100% genuine Baltic amber beads for making breathtaking designs of your jewelry. You will find our loose amber beads as your favorite piece of jewelry when you are done with making an awesome jewelry item on your own.

Our perfect quality of loose Baltic amber beads is a part of our long and tremendous history. Our family's legacy with amber products dates back to 1950's, and became more renowned when we started the sale of baby necklaces in European market in 1998. Now Amber Buddy's jewelry line is available worldwide.

Loose Baltic amber is not just important because of its history and quality but because of its terrific healing properties. It contains succinic acid, which acts as an analgesic to relax physical and mental stress. You can have same benefits no matter if you pick up raw beads or glossy ones.

Baltic amber loose beads work perfectly to relieve pain of teething arthritis, muscles and joints. Moreover, it helps to improve the immune system of babies when brought into contact with the skin. Amber beads are warmed up by body temperature and release its natural healing oils, which is absorbed in bloodstream. So these beads serve ultimately to bring relief to the stress and pain of the human body.

Have the best raw amber beads right now to enjoy its heart winning effects. Get stringed your Baltic amber teething jewelry and get your teething babies ready to exploit its benefits to the fullest. You don’t have to be worried about shipping anymore because we offer shipping services worldwide.

We are left with Amber Buddy Limited Edition Collection, which is the limited model (10-20 pieces) and have extraordinary designs, so hurry up and get one for yourself. We have specially designed and made this product line for our customers who want something unique and trendy. Our exclusive products in this line are not only offered for the teething babies, but also to their mothers, such as beautiful and stunning necklaces and bracelets.

Our all Limited Edition models are designed by our expert professionals using rare Baltic amber beads, in their tremendous shapes and color combinations. The sourcing of these rare beads is comparatively difficult, so, we make these unique Baltic amber items only a few times per year. You must be sure for the unique design of our product as you would rarely find the same item with 20 more people in the whole world.

Our best collections have Rare Black Baltic amber necklace and bracelet, which is unique in design and quality. These are made up of rare black amber, and only offered by us all over the world. Rare Yellow Baltic amber teething jewelry is one of our specialties, made up of 100% genuine Baltic amber. We are only left with a few last pieces with breathtaking designs, so rush to secure one for yourself.

Amber Buddy: Black, Green, Raw and Other Unique Pieces
Amber Buddy Limited Edition series, just like classic collections, have a rich history. Our family's legacy with amber products dates back to the 1950's. In 1998, we initiated the sale of baby necklaces in the European market that deliberately became popular. Now our superb jewelry lines are available worldwide.

Our unique Baltic amber necklace and bracelet products are blessed with a number benefits for mothers. All our Amber Buddy products share the same level of benefits because of the supreme quality material used. You can select item of your own choice among our varieties of glossy, raw and matte, molded in any shape, and presented in your favorite color like black, green, etc. Our natural (unpolished) amber products stand out among all our varieties, and we deliver it to our valued customers in the unique form of raw amber necklace and bracelet.

Amber Buddy artisans and experts crafted necklace and bracelet for teething baby and mothers in unique ways, by making use of the supreme quality and original Baltic amber, as it is a rich source of succinic acid. For babies, succinic acid in amber contributes as an analgesic, producing relaxing effects, promoting their good health, and boost up the immune system. So, by wearing these necklaces, you can exploit a great deal of benefits of our products to the fullest.

Avail the opportunity and enjoy the best deal of our finest products now. As we care for you and your babies so, we deliver world’s best products to every corner of the world.