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Amber Buddy adult necklaces Classic Collection series are dedicated to moms who wish to magnify their amber jewelry collection. We offer some extra benefits of better emotional well-being, to the mothers beside the beautiful 45cm genuine Baltic amber necklace.

Have a look of our large collection of classic models to find attractive and beautifully styled Baltic amber necklace with stunning colors, for yourself. We are esteemed to provide you the various awesome varieties of amber necklaces in our classic collection, and proudly offer you 3 different shapes, 3 different shades and 8 colors of adult Baltic amber necklaces for you to multiply your beauty many folds.

Our proficient and skilled artisans produce the unique designs of amber jewelry by using only genuine Baltic amber beads that are obtained directly from the shores of the Baltic Sea and amber mines, to ensure the best quality and customer satisfaction, on wearing our jewelry items. Each adult necklace we make is distinctive and breathtaking in all its aspects, so that you can purchase it with confidence.

When you choose to purchase from, you'll be given a cutest, prettiest, attractive and charming amber necklace. This necklace is of-course entitled with the rich history of ours. Our family's legacy with amber products dates back to the 1950's. In 1998, we initiated the sale of baby necklaces in the European market, which exponentially increased and rapidly became famous. Now Amber Buddy's lines of jewelry are available worldwide and easily accessible.

Since Amber Buddy uses only genuine Baltic amber beads, obtained from the shores of the Baltic Sea, and amber mines, which contain the highest amount of active ingredient called succinic acid. These adult Baltic amber necklaces have a number of effective benefits including physical strengthening and mental relief.

Baltic amber is a fossilized Pine tree resin that is over 65 million years old and has a number of healing properties. One of its most important properties is the analgesic effects. Succinic acid present in Baltic amber is responsible to promote good health, and make you calm and relax. Moreover, it has therapeutic effects for relieving the pain of teething, arthritis, muscles, joints, and helps to boost up the immune system.

When you wear the amber necklace, it is heated up with the body temperature, and releases succinic acid, which is absorbed by the skin and travels in the body through the bloodstream. We only use Baltic amber raw material which contains the highest amounts of succinic acid that is the best remedy for many of the ailments.

Adult amber necklaces are unique in their designs available in different colors and shades for you. All these colors of amber necklace are fascinating, heart winning and alluring.

When there is a matter of choice, people have their own preferences according to their satisfaction. Most of our customers believe that Raw amber necklaces are best in the provision of the graceful effects, so, they are preferred by most of the customers. But many people think a different way for choosing necklaces for adults.

For choosing an amber necklace, check the surface of the beads. If you want a shiny necklace for yourself, go for the glossy necklace, it is the most attractive and appealing among all. If you are not interested in an extremely shiny necklace, you can opt for matte necklace, which is semi polished and give a low look of shine. And if your interest is more towards the matte variety, you can select the awesome raw necklace, which is totally unpolished and give a strong matte look. All these varieties are made up of natural Baltic amber, and you can enjoy its grace to the fullest.

Amber Buddy’s provides you with the high quality and best designed Baltic amber necklaces for adults, which are cost effective and made by our highly skilled and noteworthy professionals. We would soon present a new amber adult necklace on customer demand so that it is worthy enough, delightful, attractive and more awesome, to be gifted to your friends and fellows. We would like you to be the next who would spread the word about Amber Buddy products.