Genuine Baltic Amber Loose Beads Strand 40cm / 15,7"- Round Flat 5mm. RO53B1

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Item Specification:

Strand length: 40cm / 15.7"
Weight: ~8gr.
Colour: Black (a)
Finish: Glossy
Shape: Round Flat
Bead size: 5x3mm

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Genuine Baltic Amber Loose Beads Strand 40cm /15.7” - RO53B1

Item Specification:

Strand length: 40cm / 15.7"
Weight: ~8gr.
Colour: Black (a)
Finish: Glossy
Shape: Round Flat
Bead size: 5x3mm


All our products are made of 100% genuine Baltic amber.
The raw material used for our production is from the only amber mine in the world
that is located in Kaliningrad area, Russia.
Also some of our beads are picked up on the shores of the Baltic Sea in Lithuania.


Your item will be shipped next working day by using Australian Post standard delivery service.
It usually takes 1-6 working days for item to be delivered in Australia.
We also ship to New Zealand and other countries.

Overseas shipping takes approx. 11-14 working days.

Payments and Returns

We accept Paypal and Direct Bank Transfers
If for any reason you don't like the item please contact us within 30 days after item was received
and we will find the best solution together.



What is Baltic Amber?

Baltic amber is a fossilized tree resin that has been found to contain natural healing powers,
such as reducing stress, releasing negative energy and providing pain relief for arthritis,
muscles, joints, headaches and more.


What is the Difference Between Amber and Baltic Amber?
Succinic acid is the active ingredient in amber that provides healing properties.
Baltic amber contains a higher amount of succinic acid than regular amber.
Other parts of the world that produce amber typically contain less than 3% of succinic acid in the stone.

Where Do You Get Your Baltic Amber?

We are sourcing Baltic amber in Lithuania from local suppliers
who collect it on the shores of the Baltic Sea and amber mines in Russia.

Once the Baltic amber is collected and properly prepared for crafting,
it is given to highly experienced artisan who then makes all jewelry pieces by hand.

Which Color Should I Choose?
Amber comes in a variety of natural colors.
Our Baltic amber is 100% genuine regardless of the color you choose.

Select the color and style that appeals to you the most!

Do You Provide a Certificate of Authenticity with Your Beads?
We provide copies of certificate of authenticity that shows our Baltic amber jewelry production
has been verified to be authentic
by one of the most reputable gemstone laboratories in the world
and also from Lithuanian national gem Laboratory.

You should be careful when buying from sellers that offer certificates of authenticity with each item.
It would be too costly to certify every single item.

Most certificate cards are done for gemstones that cost more than $500 but not $10-20!
Also always check if the certificate provider has a real address and contact numbers. (not only online contact forms)

What Type of Warranty Do You Offer?
We offer a 30-day warranty. If, for any reason,
you are not satisfied with your bracelet or necklace, please contact us.

How Do I Pay?
Amber Buddy Australia accepts PayPal and Direct Bank Transfers.

Where Do You Ship Amber Buddy Products?
We ship worldwide!
Please note that we are located in Australia and overseas shipping may take longer.

How Long Will It Take to Receive My Beads?
Your order will ship the next business day from Melbourne, Australia.
How long it takes to arrive to you will depend on your location.

It usually takes 1-6 business days for orders to be delivered in Australia.

Shipping outside of Australia can take anywhere from 11-14 business days.

Because of the fact that amber is natural material, all beads are a bit different and the item
that you will receive may be slightly different than you see in the pictures.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to Contact Us

Happy shopping!

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